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If you’ve been following along our Building a Website Step by Step series, you’ve come a long way!  We’re getting closer to actually beginning work on your website.

Now, you should have a domain name chosen and paid for, and web hosting with Host gator.  The problem is, you purchased the domain name and hosting at two different places so how do you bring them together?  That’s one of the things we’ll talk about here; switching your domain name server so that it points to your hosting account, or Host gator.  Easy enough, although you’re probably getting a little antsy right about now.

If you just completed registering your website hosting at Host gator, you were probably requested to give your domain name at registration.  You should already have the domain name setup on the C panel account at Host gator as well.  If the domain you registered is an additional domain, you will add it as an add-on domain in the C panel account.  This is easily done just click on Add-on Domains in the lower section of the C panel, add the new domain name and password, then click on the add domain button on the next screen.  Simple!  Your new domain should now be registered with Host gator.

While you don’t have to set up an email address right now, you’re already on Cpanel so why not go ahead and take care of it?  At the Cpanel home in the email section, click on email accounts.  On the next screen, add a username and select your new domain name, then click on Create Account.  Now you have your very own custom email address!  This is so that visitors to your new website will be able to contact you.


Now comes the part that can be tricky for some people.  You need to forward your domain name to Hostgator, so the nameservers on the site where you purchased your domain must reflect these nameservers.  In other words, if you purchased your domain name at GoDaddy or Namecheap, the nameservers listed in your account here must be the same ones provided by your hosting provider, or Hostgator.  When you signed up at Hostgator, you should have received these nameservers, so make a note of them.  Once you have, go back to your domain registrar (again, Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc.) and we will set them.  I have circled in red what the nameservers look like in Hostgator, under Account Information at the bottom left-hand side of the CPanel.


Once there, go to your account, and find the Domain Manager tab. Click on the domain information for the domain you are changing, and hit the Nameservers link/tab. At this screen, replace the default nameservers with the ones provided to you by Hostgator.


It can take a few hours for the name servers to populate, but at this point you are really close to having your home on the web setup and started, but there is still some more to do to get where we want to be.

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